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The Fitness Laws

There are certain laws that pertain to us physically. We know the levels our blood pressure should be, what our heart rate range should be, what our bone density should be, and what our body composition percentage should be - to name but a few. There are certain methods that we use to regenerate and become fit and healthy, and if we do not follow these proven methods then we automatically go backwards and lose lean, store fat, lose health and degenerate. We have learned that there are certain laws that the human body operates within and by believing in and working with these laws we all can change our body composition by increasing healthy metabolism boosting muscle and losing body fat by knowing the Fitness Laws that our bodies operate within to lose body fat. By believing in those true Fitness Laws, we will do the correct actions necessary to cause our bodies to become fitter and shapelier through time. There are identifiable fitness Laws. Many of you have not up to this point been aware of these fitness laws. The Fitness Quadrant operates with the framework of these Fitness Laws. Now your new fitness beliefs will be based on these Fitness Laws and you will hold true fitness beliefs. Many examples of the attributes of these laws are listed in the book.


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