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Ab Training, Shaping and Six Pack Abs

(Written by Steve Costello ACE CPT in response to an IDEA question)

"Everyone" in terms of people who are physically able, and who are willing to follow a proper system of synergy have a great chance of achieving a "six pack" goal - excluding of course people with physical disabilities. The goal is genetic in terms of gender as generally a male, compared to a female, has an edge because he can generally have lower healthy body fat levels than she can, and he can more safely bring body fat levels low enough to "see" the ab definition.
It is genetic within the terms of what body type someone has when starting a program with a goal of body fat reduction with an end result of being able to see the definition of the abdominal muscles. Considering the 3 major body types: mesomorph, endomorph and ectomorph, it easier to achieve abdominal definition for an ectomorph due to a tendency of lower body fat levels to begin with (and less to lose). It is easier for a mesomorph to lose fat due to more muscle (where fat is burned) generally on the entire frame burning more fat at a faster rate plus more shapely abdominal muscle for the skin over the abs to enhance the curvature of the 6 or 8 pack muscle definition. Of course the hardest body type for losing subcutaneous abdominal fat is the endomorph having the most body fat to lose.
There are also generalities based on body types involving frame types with characteristics based on the type of shape someone has when starting their program, which determines where genetically they store their body fat and where they lose it first when following a proper program. For example a woman with an "X" shape will have a better chance of losing fat quicker around the abs than an "O" shape.
Also, spot reduction of training the abs to lose fat off the abs generally does not work - usually it is "last on, first off" with body fat loss. An "X" shape type that has just gained body fat on the abs a couple of years ago will have a great chance of "reversing" the fat that recently stored on the abs and then losing the subcutaneous ab fat for a six pack, but an "O" type that tends to store it on the abs and has had fat sored there for many years will most likely have to lose body fat from other body areas first, such as upper back and arms, and the ab fat will be the last to go. Men usually store most of their body fat around the "middle" and usually skinfold assessments show that the chest and thighs lose it first.
I advise clients that the proper synergy of the four quadrants: Cardio, Anaerobics, Eating and Rest with the energy balance scale in their favor will begin the body fat loss, and then we will see the trend of how much fat is lost and where it is lost from, to estimate how long it will take them to get down to a level to see the abs. Enjoy the journey!


To contact me, send an email to:  livelongernow@yahoo.com



Copyright 2017, Steven Costello

To contact Steve, send an email to: livelongernow@yahoo.com

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