You Are What You Absorb and Digest

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Absorption problems lead to our bodies not being able to absorb the minerals and nutrients from our foods, and this leads to symptoms such as arthitis, diabetes, high blood presure, etc. according to top doctors.

Malabsorption is behind most chronic disease, teaches top doctors.

In order for nutrients to be "in our body" they must be absorbed into our body (get into our bloodstream) through the villi in our small intestine after the nutrients have been broken down with suficient stomach acid. If the villi are clogged,  the nutrients do not get absorbed, and they are not really "in our body" as they will then pass through the intestines and excreted out. Clogged villi from Gluten results in Celiac Disease, Chron's Disease, Irritable Bowell Syndrome, and Ulcerative Colitis, according to top doctors. We are then "what we absorb". If we cannot absorb the nutrients, this leads to nutritional deficiency diseases.

Top doctors teach us that when we are off of Gluten (the proteins that are undigestible and clog up the villi in the small intestine) and given enough time and nutrients the villi in the small intestine have great ability to reorganize their function and structure. 
and these top doctors teach us the good news that given enough time off of Gluten and on a daily basis giving our bodies the 91 essential nutrients that it needs according to our individual body weight, the villi grow back.

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