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Working Out - Anaerobics and Aerobics (Cardio) Exercise both produce increased sweating. As a Personal Trainer for over 15 years, I have witnessed how people sweat as their body temperature rises during exercise. It is vital to know, as Dr Joel Wallach has discovered, that when we sweat we are not only getting cooled down and losing some water weight, but we are also losing our 90 essential nutrients. If we don't put these back into our bodies through proper supplementation, especially the 60 minerals, then we are shortening our lives tremendously. Personally, in addition to taking my all 91 essential nutrients, I take extra nutrients that was lost from exercise right after my workouts. I take these micronutrients: first before workout for full absorption as my stomach is basically empty so there are no phytates from food to bind with the minerals that would reduce absorption in the small intestine, then after about 20 minutes after taking them and the absorbtion is complete I eat nutritional food (macronutrients) containing protein for post recovery of the cells that broke down during exercise, and with the food I take my essential fatty acids.

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